22f8a290c68f0184Well- I met with Kao (A.K.A. The Boob Maestro) and in spite of my expander saline bag moving (Who can tell- it’s always been this amoeba shape???) he says I’m ready to have my next surgery. I am officially ready for my “MTV Boobies”- wahoo! I am excited but also a little “put out” by it all. We have this Bootcamp that’s really picking up steam and I’ve been SLAVING away at it. Max is in this amazing, “Little Man” phase where he’s just like my little road dog and were doing a lot of belly laughing with each other and Scout is HILARIOUS, starting to talk, dance, demand and assert her God given right to anything & everything. Doug & I just got re-introed to dancing and each other and I am loving this current moment in time with my family… I am mildly miffed at having to put it all on hold for yet another surgery and recovery that I never should be encountering in the first place…
I will have a sweet rack though. The surgery is on the 26th of May. When I got the date 3 seperate groups of Bootcampers were organizing. I had to send out an email explaining what was going on and what we’d be available for- one group just jumped on the available 3 weeks before my surgery- starting Monday! So, I’ve had to scramble our schedules, lives and preparation for that. We are set to go- waiting on a final “interview” with a childcare gal. Then I’ll be running 2 camps back to back until I go under the knife.
That plus trying to get Doug set to go on Daddy duty and possibly run a 3rd camp if it goes through… His beer & cigarette diet is coming to a screeching halt. Then there’s the recovery. I don’t want to do a whole “Take Care Of Brooke” calendar like my ladies did for the mastectomy but I may need help. The word I’m getting from corageous women who’ve gone before me is that the augmentation surgery isn’t half as bad as the Mastectomy and I think I did pretty well with that one. I’m TRYING to get back to running a Bootcamp a week after. No, I’m not insane- I mean “running” where I won’t be physically involved and I’m praying that some of my veterans will be there to demo things…

All in all, I’m kind of giddy at the prospect of contributing financially to our tribe. Doug has been carrying us and SLAVING away for so long- I’d love to be able to lighten his load… Having this be a real boon wouldn’t suck either. Hawaii is a great place to lighten loads, I hear.

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